The eBus OnDemand service operates within defined operating areas.

You book your ride on eBus OnDemand using the mobile app or by calling Nelson City Council’s customer service centre on 03 546 0200.

You request your pick-up and drop-off points when making your booking, but a short walk (an average of 100 metres) is required to complete most trips.

You can make a booking up to a week in advance. Or on-demand before you ride.

Track your ride in real-time to your pick-up location through our easy-to-use app. We even send you a text when we are on the way so you can be ready when we arrive.
The app will show your pick-up address and your drop-off destination.

The service is run using vans instead of large buses. Passengers with a wheelchair or a disability will always be matched with a fully accessible vehicle.

eBus OnDemand is a rideshare service. That means eBus OnDemand users heading in the same direction may also be picked up and share the ride with you. Sometimes that may mean you are the only person in the vehicle, and at other times it could be full. It does mean you are expected to meet the vehicle when it arrives, so you don't hold up a ride for others. Our drivers can only wait a few minutes before they must head to their next pickup.

All our friendly drivers are eBus OnDemand trained and have completed comprehensive background checks. If you need extra assistance, they will be happy to help. eBus OnDemand is operated by Nelson City Council.

eBus OnDemand App

To find the app on the Apple or Google Play app store search: ‘eBus OnDemand’. When you download the app you will be able to set up an account, but you wont be able to request a bus until August 1.

People who do not have access to a mobile phone will be able to order a bus by calling Nelson City Council Customer Service team on 03 546 0200.

Here’s how the service works:

  1. Passengers request a bus using the app or by calling the number above.
  2. The service runs Monday to Friday, 9am – 3pm
  3. The app will show you how far away your bus is and when and where to meet it.
  4. Meeting places are dotted throughout Stoke so you should never be more than a short walk from where you meet the bus.
  5. Passengers who have ordered a bus by calling Council will be told when and where to meet the bus and have a text message sent to their phone when it is about to arrive.
  6. Try to be on time – the bus can only wait for a couple of minutes.
  7. Pay for the bus using Bee Card or cash as usual. 
  8. Remember, this is a bus ride-sharing service and the bus doesn't travel on a set route. It will take the most efficient route to your destination based on the destinations of other passengers and yourself.

Extent of Stoke OnDemand

23866 NCC Stoke OnDemand Map Jun23 HR