How to muzzle a dog for the eBus

Posted on 09 April 2024

How to muzzle a dog for the eBus

Do dogs mind wearing a muzzle? 

So, most dogs, once they’re muzzle trained, don't mind having muzzles on at all. It's just really about getting them comfortable wearing it before just sticking one on their face. 

How do you get your dog used to wearing a muzzle? 

So, to get a dog used to wearing a muzzle, you can hold the muzzle in one hand and drip some treats through the end of the muzzle. This gets the dog used to putting their own head into the muzzle, and that helps them form a positive association with the muzzle as they're getting treats. 

If your dog is reluctant to put her nose into the muzzle, you can start by showing her the muzzle and giving her a wee treat just for being close to it.  

And then, over time, you build up your duration, or how long you ask your dog to keep her nose in the muzzle, and continue to reward with treats, praise and encouragement.  

What are the best types of muzzles? 

There are many different types of muzzles out there. The best ones are basket muzzles that allow your dog to open their mouth and pant as that regulates their body temperature. You want to avoid the cloth muzzles that hold the dog's mouth shut as that doesn't allow them to breathe and pant. 

What are some misconceptions about dogs and muzzles? 

Some misconceptions about muzzles are that they're only for aggressive dogs or bad dogs, when in fact, many different dogs wear them for many, many different reasons. 

(Alt answer) Some myths about muzzles are that muzzles are only for dangerous dogs, aggressive dogs or bad dogs, when in fact dogs wear muzzles for many, many different reasons. 

What should I do if I’m nervous to take my dog on the bus for the first time? 

Spend some time in as many similar situations as you can before riding on the bus. Take your dog to the bus stop with their muzzle and get them used to being around people and the bus, or if you've got access to a vehicle, get them used to being muzzled in a moving vehicle, and so on. 

When you do go for a ride on the bus, make sure you have plenty of treats with you and give your dog lots of praise and encouragement. 

Why else might you muzzle train your dog? 

Aside from muzzle training for the bus trial, some of the reasons you may muzzle train are if your dog is prone to eating things that they shouldn't, they're scared, it's unpredictable how they'll react to if they get sick or injured. 

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