Boarding now for Nelson Airport

Posted on 20 July 2023

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Boarding now for Nelson Airport

Nelson Airport is ready to receive its first eBus passengers now that changes to the airport precinct road are complete. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation while these works were undertaken.

The redesign of three raised crossing ramps on the airport entry road and in front of the terminal began in late May. The gradient of the ramps needed to be altered so the buses could travel safely and smoothly through the precinct. 

“A large vehicle like a bus acts differently to a car,” says Group Manager Infrastructure Alec Louverdis. “A standard car is 4.5m long with a ground clearance of 100mm, our eBuses are 12.5m long with a ground clearance of 75mm. We needed to lower and lengthen the raised crossing ramps so the buses wouldn’t bottom out when travelling over them.”

Additional work to prepare for the bus route included laying concrete where the bus shelter and trolley bay will sit, installing a bus stop sign and new road markings.

Nelson Deputy Mayor Rohan O’Neill-Stevens and Nelson Airport CEO Mark Thompson were on the eBus for its maiden voyage around the airport testing out the adjustments.

Nelson Airport chief executive Mark Thompson says the eBus brings greater transport choice to airport customers, tenants and staff. “It’s fantastic to now have a low-emissions bus service to the airport, with the stop conveniently located close to the terminal. I’m sure locals and visitors alike will take full advantage of the service.”

Public transport will service the airport for the first time in Nelson's history, giving locals and tourists a cheap alternative to driving.

“Linking in with the airport is a logical partnership for Nelsonians, and we’re incredibly grateful for the wholehearted support offered by the entire airport team to make this happen,” says Deputy Mayor Rohan O’Neill-Stevens.

Route 4 will see the eBus travel from The Brook to Nelson Airport. The bus will arrive at and leave the airport 23 times a day linking with the Tāhunanui interchange, giving travelers plenty of time to get to and from the airport.

Low fares of $2 from the airport to the Nelson interchange and luggage racks on each bus make it even easier to travel via the eBus.

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