Route 1 Diversion 24 December 2023

Posted on 15 December 2023

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Route 1 Diversion 24 December 2023

On Christmas Eve, Route 1 will be diverted for the final two trips of the day.

Route 1 will travel down Rutherford Street directly into the CBD interchange.

The bus stops on Selwyn Place and Collingwood Street will be closed to Route 1 from 6.30pm


  • Selwyn Place at McDonalds 6:33pm and 7:03pm
  • Collingwood Street at 132 Health 6.35pm and 7.05pm
  • Collingwood Street at Dentist at 6.36pm and 7.06pm


  • Collingwood Street at Fresh Choice at 6.57pm and 7.27pm
  • Collingwood Street at Prices Pharmacy at 6.57pm and 7.27pm
  • Selwyn Place opposite McDonalds at 6.58pm and 7.28pm

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